Empire under Seige

And So It Begins

The members of the party meet for the first time (perhaps) at the tavern in Langwald, near the border with both Sylvania and Ostermark. After spending some time and coin at The Frothy Swill the party decides to team up and see if there are any jobs to be done in town.

Heading to the local announcements board those that can read relay that there are two potential jobs that need to be done, both posted by the local magistrate. They track him down to find that he is also the Mayor and are told that a pack of wolves has been feasting on local livestock. Judging from the numbers of livestock killed Vaughn’s character determines that the pack likely numbers between 15 and 20 beasts. The party is also told that there has been a rash of grave robberies over the last few weeks as well. The local Mayor would like the party to look into that issue as well if they are capable of doing so.

With the information given to them by the magistrate/mayor, the party sets off on a three hour walk to get to the farmstead that has most recently been attacked by the wolves. While on their way there they are attacked by several of the wolves they have been sent to kill. After taking serious wounds they dispatch the beasts and make it the rest of the way to the farmstead. The patriarch of the family invites them in and offers the party a place at the hearth for the night after seeing the pelts and ears of the wolves that have already been slain.

After dinner the party is told that the wolves began raiding the local farms several weeks ago and that their attacks have been increasing in both frequency and boldness. The patriarch also informs the party that the local grave robbers recently dug up the fresh grave of an infant and stole the body within. He then ask the party if they would perform final watch before the day began so the family would be able to break their fast together before the work of the day had begun.

While on watch the party is again attacked by several wolves. While only sustaining minor injuries in the skirmish, the party kills yet more of this alarmingly large pack. After a trip back to the farmstead to tend to their wounds, the party sets out to where they were attacked first so they can track their quarry back to its den.

After several hours of tracking the party enters a dark and foreboding section of the local forest. Though unsure of the situation Vaughn’s character is unable to detect the ambush and the wolves again attack the party, though this time in great numbers. The party barely manages to dispatch the large attack and sustains heavy wounds in the process, but they can hear the growls and howling of more wolves approaching as they frantically tend to their wounds before they are again set upon by the ravenous beasts.

Each party member gains 100 experience for the session.


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